Wednesday, June 17, 2009

6/13/09 Meeting Notes

We all had a fabulous time at ScrapHappy on Saturday!! I would like to say a special Thank You to Christy for showing us all how to make a fabulous acrylic book!! Check out the pics below!!

I. Next Book Club Meeting
  • The next book club meeting will be July 26, 2009. We will be meeting at Olive Garden for lunch (time to be announced later).

  • The hostess will be Bridget
  • The group decided the next book will be from the mystery genre
  • The next book will be announced by Thursday June 17, 2009

II. Discussion of "Marked"

  • Would you like to read any more of the books in the series?

The group decided that they would rather read the other books independently rather then reading them as a group.

  • Comments about the book:
Mary-"As an adult, I enjoyed the read, but for teenagers I would not recommend this book."
Favorite Character-Zoey's grandma
LeAnn-"It was an easy and enjoyable read. It made me thirsty for blood."
Favorite Character-Damien
Erin-" I really liked how this book was a mix of Twilight and Harry Potter...I wanna go to Vampire school!!"
Favorite Character- Stevie Rae
Bridget-"I did not like this book because it deals to much with worshipping a goddess and I didn't care for the rituals."
Favorite Character-Zoey's Grandma
Samantha-"I enjoyed reading this book. I already finished the other 4 as well. I think everyone should read the rest of the series."
Favorite Character-Zoey


Mary said...

Thank you Erin for planning a great first meeting!!

Looking forward to the next one.

hilliardchristy said...

Aw those pics are so cute! Can someone email me some for my blog?? THanks and see you guys later!!