Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Welcome!! First Post

Welcome to a sassy new book club called the The 2 Sisters Book Club... We are a group of fun-loving women with a similar interest in books and gossiping.

Here is a little background about this club:

The purpose of the 2 Sisters Book Club is to bring women together who have a common interest in books. So if you love great books and gabbing with your girlfriends then this is the club for you!!

This book club was co-founded by Erin and Samantha Fluegge

How much does it cost?
 The only cost to each member is the purchase of each book.

Where and what time will we meet?
 The Book Club will meet the last Sunday of every month at 1:30 for book discussion, food and fun!!
 The meeting place will be established by the assigned Hostess.

Who gets to pick the books we read?
 The Hostess will assign the book based on the genre picked by the group.

What will the meetings consist of?
 Gabbing with girlfriends about the assigned book or any other topics of interest
 The Hostess will establish the games, discussion, food, and/or door prize for that meeting.

What is the Hostess sign up sheet?
 The Hostess sign up sheet is for members to volunteer for a month in which they would like to be the Hostess.

What is the 2 Sisters Book Club Blog?
 The purpose of the blog is to allow members of the club to communicate with each other in between book meetings and to allow people who cannot attend meetings to participate in discussions. You do not have to live in Pensacola to be a member of this book club. We welcome anyone who would like to participate!!
 All members are encouraged to visit the blog weekly.
 More information about the blog is coming soon!

 Have the book read (or mostly read) by the meeting time.
 Even if you have not read the book, feel free to come to the meeting.
 Bring the book to the meeting.
 Assigned book for the meeting should be paperback and less then $15.
 New members are always welcome!!

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please contact us at (850) 607-7761

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